Common FAQ's

I see a Made in the USA label on all Avanzato products? Is that not common in the industry?

We are very proud of our Made in the USA labels, and stand behind American manufacturing quality and consistency. Most electronic cigarettes are made overseas, with a majority being made in China. All Avanzato brands and private label products are produced in the United States and use only E-liquids produced in the United States.

What is the difference between an Avanzato “Digital Vapor Cigarette” and an “E-cigarette”?

The difference is in the technology. At Avanzato we produce the most advanced engineered vapor cigarettes on the marketed, utilizing flex-circuit technology and programmable microprocessors. In addition, our advanced cartomizers ensure consistent fluid delivery with no leakage. The advanced, patent-pending technologies in Avanzato products allow for enhanced user experiences and product reliability not found in products made overseas.

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Do you make all types of vapor cigarettes or just one specific variety?

At Avanzato, we can custom design and create any type of Digital Vapor Cigarette to meet your product needs. In addition to disposable products, we make rechargeable products and cartomizers, and can custom create a wide range of products with our US-based engineering team.

What is an Avanzato Digital Vapor Cigarette made of?

While every product we make is customized by brand and customer, each Digital Vapor Cigarette shares many of the same components. These include a high output disposable or rechargeable battery, an advanced flex circuit board with programmable microprocessor, an advanced, self-cleaning ceramic heating element, a sealed fluid reservoir, and some array of LED indicators. On average, an Avanzato Digital Vapor Cigarette contains just one-quarter of the number of components as traditional e-cigarettes, which increases relaiabilty and durability.

While these are the main components, optimization options are endless when working with the Avanzato engineering team. From programmable puff durations to Bluetooth capabilities, Avanzato products truly are the most advanced Vapor Cigarettes on the market today.

Do you produce your own E-liquids for use in Avanzato products?

At Avanzato, we believe in quality first, which is why we have partnered with NicVape to provide all custom e-liquid formulations for our brands and private label customers. In addition to being a quality US-based manufacturer, NicVape remains on the cutting edge of E-liquid formulation and product testing.

Please visit to find out more about NicVape E-liquids.

Do all Avanzato products contain Nicotine?

Avanzato can customize our products to work with any type of E-liquid our customers wish to use, including non-nicotine flavored E-liquids for use in our Digital Vapor Cigarettes.

What if there is a problem with my Avanzato product?

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, and we work dinigently to resolve all customer service issues. Unlike most traditional E-cigarette manufacturers, the Avanzato engineering and customer service team in US-based and will quickly and effectively answer any of your questions or concerns

Please visit the Contact Us page to contact the appropriate department.

I would like to create my own line of Vapor Cigarettes, but I don’t know where to start?

In addition to our design and manufacturing division, Avanzato provides complete business and strategy design for your brand through the Avanzato “PowerBrand” program. From product design, to brand identity, to website and package creation, and including financing and distribution assistance, Avanzato is your complete solution for private labeling your own Digital Vapor Cigarette.

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